The 223 Grant is designed to fund any project sponsored by a Montana Conservation District, under its authority. Typical projects include: education, on-the-ground conservation projects, planning, feasibility studies, or any other project that is resource-based and aligns with the Cascade CD mission. Grants are considered on a quarterly basis.

Grant limit is $15,000.00. Any request over $15,000.00 will be considered based on fund availability and program merit. Requests over $15,000.00 require 50/50 match, irrigation project require the match be in cash.

Projects that may not be funded include: food, common items that can be easily borrowed, equipment for contractors, or items not considered essential to conducting a project or meeting project goal.

Applicants are encouraged to work with the Cascade CD on the overall project idea. The applicant would then supply the completed application and supporting documentation to the CD and make a presentation to the CD board at a regularly scheduled board meeting. Upon board approval, the application would be signed by the CD chair and submitted to the DNRC. The Resource Conservation Advisory Council (RCAC) reviews the grants on quarterly basis and the applicant and CD will make a presentation at this time. If approved, the CD will enter into a contract with the DNRC. The CD will then enter into a contract with the applicant. The applicant is required to have a tax ID number and proof or proper exemption of Workers Compensation and applicable business insurance, if required.

223 Grant Instructions

223 Grant Application