The Cascade Conservation District has resources that may help you find financial support for landowners, teachers and students. Explore the categories below.

SARE grants

SARE grants are used to increase knowledge about sustainable agricultural practices and to help farmers and ranchers adopt those practices. The Western SARE program administers grants in several categories that help it achieve those aims. Each grant operates on an annual cycle and is selected through a competitive process. Check out


National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

For Students and Teachers

MACD Scholarships

The Montana Association of Conservation Districts offers two $500 Scholarships to Montana students wishing to further their education.

The MACD High School Scholarship is open to all Montana High School seniors.

The Post-Secondary Scholarship is open to all Montana students who have completed at least two semesters at any of the state’s accredited post secondary educational institutions.

Other eligibility requirements for both scholarships include Montana residency, a minimum grade point average of 3.0, and enrollment (or for high school applicants, plans to enroll) in a course of study that allows students to explore natural resource issues. Appropriate courses of study include agriculture, agribusiness, animal science, range science, forestry, environmental sciences, land resource sciences, plant science, etc.

Students may receive each scholarship only once.

The application deadline for both is February 24, 2017.

In addition to this signed application form, please submit:

A letter of recommendation from an instructor familiar with your work;

Your official transcript listing courses taken and grades received;

An original 3-5 page essay demonstrating your knowledge of Montana’s conservation districts. Include information about the agriculture roots of the movement and describe the current responsibilities of Montana’s conservation districts. In addition, describe how your education and experiences have given you the opportunity to explore natural resource conservation. Pay particular attention to your knowledge of locally led and non-regulatory approaches, such as those utilized by conservation districts. Conclude with how you plan to put your natural resource conservation knowledge into practice in the future.

Application click here


Successful Grant Projects

Follow the links below to learn about some of the successful grant projects sponsored by Cascade Conservation District.

Open Irrigation Ditch to a Delivery Pipe System

Ditch Grant Photos