Cascade Conservation District - Cascade County Conservation District - Great Falls, Montana


Mission Statement

“Our mission is to represent natural resource and environmental interests on the Missouri River. This Council believes the conservation of the river and its corridor and the sustainability of its various uses can best be accomplished through grassroots collaboration, education, incentives, and voluntary action. It is the goal of the Missouri River Conservation Districts Council to provide leadership, assistance, and guidance to conservation districts along the Missouri River Corridor in order to present a unified front and collective voice when addressing natural resource issues, opportunities, and challenges. To become a forum for Missouri River stakeholders to share perspectives, solve problems, and exchange information on Missouri River resource management.”

About the Missouri River Conservation District Council

The Missouri River Corridor in Montana begins at the Headwaters in Gallatin County, and travels in a north/northeasterly fashion for 725 miles to the North Dakota border in Richland County. There are 14 counties and 15 conservation districts encompassing over 1.68 millions acres, of which just over half is in private ownership. There are over 360,000 acres in rangeland, 181,959 acres in agriculture, and over 181,000 acres in water. The balance is made up of urban, forest, and wetlands.

Land ownership in the Corridor is 53.5% private, 28.84% federal (which includes the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument), and 5.06% tribal lands.

Each of the conservation districts in the Missouri River Corridor is invited to name one supervisor as a voting member of the Council. In addition, each district may name an alternate supervisor. The Cascade County Conservation District is currently providing a Coordinator for Council activities.