As a service to the residents of Cascade County, the CCD offers low cost seedling trees and shrubs for windbreaks, noise barriers, erosion control, wildlife habitat, living snow fences and other conservation purposes.  Deciduous trees, shrubs, and conifer trees are available through the program and usually arrive in April- just in time for spring planting.

Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery Order Form

They are many websites that provide plant selection information.  An excellent source of information is the “North Dakota Tree Handbook,” at or the USDA NRCS website at the following address

The tree planter is available for a basic usage fee of $40 plus $.07/tree planted.  A $75 damage deposit is required.  The planter is available on a first come first serve basis.

If you prefer to receive hard copy ordering information, please stop by the Cascade Conservation District or phone us at 406-727-3603 ext 111.