Cascade Conservation District - Cascade County Conservation District - Great Falls, Montana


Mission Statement

The Sun River Watershed Group is a consensus driven, multi-stakeholder entity that strives to promote community based efforts that will preserve our quality of life and livelihoods while promoting and enhancing the natural resources of our watershed. 


Formed in 1994, the Sun River Watershed Group is the key to local involvement to resolve natural resource issues, which include weeds, water quality and water quantity. In 1996 the SRWG officially formed as a 501 © (3) nonprofit organization to access additional funds to work on natural resource projects.

Project Objectives

From scoping meetings and subsequent work meetings the project objectives (in no particular order) are to:

1) Maintain and/or improve a viable agriculture economy

2) Control noxious weed infestations in the Sun River Watershed

3) Reduce the sediment loads into the Sun and Missouri Rivers

4) Improve the overall water quality of the Sun River

5) Improve the flows in the Sun River

6) Improve the fisheries of the Sun River