Clearing House for Montana Water Information

Don’t know where to start to find water information? A good place to try is the Montana Water website, produced by the Montana Water Center, part of MSU in Bozeman. Click on this link to go there:

Water Videos on YouTube

The MSU Extension Water Quality Program has created a set of videos on various water topics that can be viewed via YouTube. If your home well is impaired by iron bacteria, how do you shock chlorinate it? Which of the rules of thumb for managing a septic system are based on science, and which are old wives’ tales? You had your water tested – now how can you interpret all those numbers? Nothing fancy, but these videos do a fine job of demonstrating some of the solutions to water issues faced by ordinary Montanans. Visit the MSU Extension Water Quality Program YouTube Channel to view all of their videos.

Water Resource Links

Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality

Montana DNRC Water Resources

Snow, water and climate information

EPA WaterSense